Why Supporters are with John Cannon...
  • You value a safe community. This includes well trained, professional police officers and first responders.

  • You realize the benefits, value of living in a community with top notch infrastructure, roads, public safety, schools.

  • You are proud of the little-known fact that Portage, Indiana has more acres of public-access parks per resident than our neighboring cities and towns. #PortagePride

  • You know the value of having a strong employer base, but also understand a key component to Portage is it's balance of residential and commercial developments.

  • Speaking of... You enjoy being able to live, work, shop, dine and play without having to leave city limits!

  • You support city beautification projects that improve appearance and curb appeal resulting in increasing property values. This includes adding 'Welcome to Portage' gateway signage and plants, vegetation within the medians of certain intersections.

  • In an effort to increase safety, save energy, reduce maintenance costs and make Portage 'Brighter' you support upgrading Portage's street lights and city-owned parking lot lights to energy saving, long lasting LED lights.

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"Interact one-on-one with my Official campaign committee and be INVOLVED in your local Portage community. With your SUPPORT, we can continue moving Portage forward TOGETHER."
-John Cannon
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