John Cannon secured his party's nomination for Mayor May 7th, 2019

Tonight Mayor John Cannon secured his party's nomination for Mayor and will face Sue Lynch in the fall. John was able to congratulate her tonight and looks forward to letting the voters decide Portage's future during the General Election on Tuesday November 5th, 2019.

To the 834 folks who voted for John Cannon: You did a great job coming out and having our voices heard. We love your energy. We love your engagement. We love your outreach to your neighbors and friends.

As a reminder, we cannot succeed in November's General Election without your continued support. Let's keep that fire within burning STRONG! 

The Cannon for Portage campaign is looking forward to the best outcome for Portage, Indiana in the fall.



Castle Automotive Group Chooses, fights for Portage location as their HOME... WINS!

April 8, 2019

The Cannon for Portage Mayor campaign believes Castle Automotive Group making their claim to Subaru Corporate to keep their dealership in Portage, Indiana is a BIG vote of confidence for the City of Portage. They will keep their current dealership on US-6 near County Line Road, which will remain home to their current Mitsubishi dealership.

During this election year, we must remember the importance of keeping momentum in Portage. This starts with having the right leadership in place.


While working in the private sector, John Cannon has many years of experience handling budgets and employees of similar size to the city of Portage within the private sector. In addition he is a twice elected Councilman in Portage. We believe John Cannon is Portage's best choice for Mayor.


"We have done more. And now we are on the path to do more. We are simply poised to be more."

-John Cannon December 2018 via YouTube and Facebook Live


As reported by award winning Business Reporter Joseph S. Pete at The NWI Times, Subaru Corporate wanted privately owned Castle Automotive Group to relocate their Subaru franchise OUT of Portage and INTO Lake County or Valparaiso. Luckily, this will not be the case.

Quote from The NWI Times:

"When it came about it was a godsend," Castle CEO Joe Castle said. "We've had success in the current location and it fit all of Subaru's requirements so we could stay in Portage. Our intention was to operate where we're currently at, but they wanted us to relocate. They did not want the store in Portage."

"Subaru has had tremendous growth for 11 consecutive years," he said. "This will be a huge upgrade. "We're going from 20,000 square feet to 47,500 square feet. We're doubling the size of the service department. We're doubling the size of the dealership — the lot, the showroom everything."

The Cannon for Portage campaign believes the move for Castle Automotive Group not only keep their Subaru but also their Mitsubishi franchise within Portage is a BIG vote of confidence to the City of Portage. It is a big reminder that we must keep our momentum moving forward. THANK YOU CASTLE! #PortagePride #CastleSubaru #ThanksCastleSubaru #TakeTheW

Read the full story at by clicking here.


2019 Community Crossings matching grant FACTS as they relate to Portage, IN

March 29, 2019

1. $1M is the MAXIMUM match any municipality can receive. It was announced March 26, 2019 that the City of Portage, Indiana received a $1M matching grant. To date, it is the most Portage has received from the Community Crossings matching grant program.


2. City of Portage is matching the $1M, so a total of $2M is scheduled to be used for Willowcreek Road in 2019.


3. In 2018 Portage received $ ZERO Community Crossings grant money.

In 2017 Portage received $721,312.84


4. Giving credit where credit is due: In January City Project Manager Sandy Kolb filled out the grant paperwork stating Portage can and will match $1M of funds.


5. The average state wide 2019 Community Crossings grant was $609,888, Portage received $1M. Locally, Hammond, Lake Station and St. John applied but did not receive grants.


For 2019 the City of Portage was at risk of not getting as much as we did, if any at all, of the Community Crossing rant for two reasons:


1. In the years 2016 and 2017 projects came in under project, which means the City of Portage had to pay back the difference. This made the City of Portage appear as if they were not in absolute need of requested money. This put us at risk for receiving future awards. As you read above, it in fact happened... The city did NOT receive any Community Crossings grant awards the following year, 2018.

2. The above payback (refund) to the state had a deadline. There is plenty of blame to go around, but the deadline was missed.

Failure to return the unused Community Crossings grant money on time could have made Portage ineligible for the 2019 Community Crossings matching grant.

Since assuming office on March 2, 2019 under extraordinary circumstances never experienced by Portage residents,, Mayor John Cannon has publicly stated he would do what is right for Portage, and NOT political party. As a result, he has publicly stated he has met with INDOT officials and the Governor's office to discuss and advocate for road project funding for 2019, especially Willowcreek Road.

Mayor John Cannon delivers speech at Veterans Event

March 20, 2019

Mayor John Cannon was a featured speaker at the Centennial Birthday celebration, 100 years old. Presented during the event was the Portage Police Department’s Officer of the Year. Video can be found at Post 260's Facebook Page by Clicking here.

Speech transcript:

Good Evening to all, and Happy Birthday to the American Legion.
It’s the year 1918. With the termination of hostilities in WWI in November of 1918 some American officers were looking for solution to boost alarmingly low soldier morale. Morale plummeted amongst participants who found themselves logistically trapped in Europe, certain that it would be weeks or months before they would return state side. It was an extraordinary event for our armed forces in Europe.
The officers considered proposals such as being more lax on regulations, adding athletic and recreational and entertainment events, and… Creating a new veterans society.
The new veterans society formed. And here we stand, 100 years later at Portage’s American Legion Post 260 located at 5675 Mulberry Ave.
The City of Portage itself was under somewhat of low moral for over a two year period. Two weeks ago, on March 2nd under extraordinary circumstances never experienced by Portage residents, I took an oath to be Mayor of Portage. It was reported in the news papers that I was the only one to submit the required paperwork.
Just like those officers looking for ways to boost morale amongst their troops, I have looked for ways, and will be going forward with plans to boost what I call Portage Pride.
The oath I took as Mayor is similar to the preamble of the American Legion. To paraphrase, both the Preamble of the American Legion and the Oath I took as Mayor state we should each uphold and defend the constitution of the United State of America; to maintain law and order and do what is right for our country.
As Mayor of Portage I cannot express enough how important veterans community and the American Legion is to our country and the many communities they serve. Portage that are lucky enough to be home to an American Legion post.
The Portage post opened in 1939 after some WWI veterans got together and met at the old Crisman School.
As reported by the NWI Times, Portage’s American Legion Post received its charter the following year, in 1940. The legion was at a few locations before it finally remained at the place it is now on Mulberry. That building was dedicated in 1964.
On the 75th anniversary picnic of American Legion Post 260, The NWI Times quoted past commander of the legion Bruce Thron as saying the following:
"We have been at this location for 50 years and don't plan on moving."
What I value most about the American Legion is what they do for community. Countless activities over the years are hosted for veterans and their spouses, their families and also activities and events open to the Portage Community. They include Friday Fish fries (not just during lent either), breakfast, Texas Hold'em (Every Sunday), Bingo, a recent St. Patrick's day event, bus trips, community picnics.

Over the years, Post 260 has been host to thousands of events such as birthday parties, weddings, cookouts. By my records, Post 260 has hosted well over 1,000 Boy Scout and Cub Scout meetings, and has graduated over 20 scouts to the highest rank of Eagle Scout. Many of the scouts who sat in this very same room as adolescent scouts learning their skills and preparing for weekend campouts have went onto serve our country's military and become members of legions throughout the country.
It's the un-said actions that come as a result of this legion that the Portage community can be most proud of. Being a resource to veterans and their families who are in need, whether it be help with VA benefits, disability paperwork, rides to doctors appointments, or assistance locating low cost or borrowing medical equipment such as walkers and wheelchairs for veterans in need.
In closing, I wish to be a part of helping the Legion and the Portage Community in any way I can. Don’t be a stranger to the Mayor’s office. Let me know how we can assist the legion. God bless and Happy Birthday!

John Cannon's first public statement as Portage Mayor

March 4, 2019

Hi fellow residents, I come to you from your Mayor's office. I'm John Cannon, your new Mayor. Just some straight talk today, this will be the start of many talks. On Saturday March 2nd, when I put my hand on the bible, I swore to uphold the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Indiana. The oath I took is the same oath that Mayor Arthor Olson took as our first Mayor of our city in 1968, and every Mayor has taken since.

I assumed the Mayor's office in extraordinary circumstances, never experienced by Portage residents. I am very aware that I have not been elected during a normal election to the Mayor's office. I ask for your initial and ongoing approval, support, guidance, and especially your prayers. In all of my acts as your Mayor, public and private, I will act with integrity, truth and candor. I swear to do what is right for Portage, not what is right for myself. As your Mayor, I will serve this office with not just what I believe is moral, but what is actually moral. I will serve faithfully, objectively and diligently. Regardless of political party, I will do what is right and just for all of our residents. My friends, the long trial of litigation is over. The law works. In the words of John Adams, "We are truly a government of laws and not of men." Let us flush out of our hearts mistrust and anger, it is over.

The time is come to rise above politics and division, it is time to move forward together.

A great example of this, the past two weeks Council President Lynch, a Democrat, and I have worked together in a transition. Our city should be proud of Council President Lynch for her actions, cooperation, and dedication to our city, the city that she truly loves. Throughout this time we have listened, asked questions, and learned a great deal. We worked together over budgets and personnel issues to name a few. We both will tell you our city's department heads and employees are the best, truly the best. The Mayor's office is staffed by special professionals that show unmatched love for their jobs and for Portage. I thank them for their service.

In the words of Historian Edward Everett Hale, "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

In the beginning of my remarks I asked for your guidance and prayers. Before closing, I ask again for your prayers. For our city, our employees, and their facilitates. May God bless them and keep them safe and well.

I use as my guide in life a verse from Proverbs. "Above all else, guard your heart. For everything you do flows form it." With all of life's experiences and all I have learned over these past seven years [as a Councilman], Portage can count on me to bring us back. With honesty, integrity, common sense, and yes Portage pride.

With your help, I will not let you down, so help me God. Thank you, and see you soon.​

PORTAGE, IN - Portage Councilman John Cannon has submitted the required documents with the Porter County GOP Chairman for the caucus nomination for the replacement of former Mayor James Snyder. February 21, 2019

“I have been preparing for the possibility of stepping up since the indictment was issued in November 2016.” In January 2017 due to a lack of focus on the City of Portage, I joined Councilman Mark Oprisko in a request that (now) former Mayor Snyder step away from his duties.”,amp.html


According to Cannon’s campaign, all promises to his district have been completed during his two terms with the exclusion of one final project scheduled to be completed before the completion of his final term as councilman.


“Several projects within and outside of my district that benefit all of Portage have began with my intuitive and support. I've started, worked on and contributed to various projects for the City of Portage. But more than that, I've seen that jobs get done.”


Initiatives sponsored by Councilman John Cannon include:

● Police Department having more K9 units. We went from zero to now four. We had 5 at our peak.


● Purchase only American Made Products. Councilman Cannon sponsored a Buy American policy for items are purchased for city use. It was passed with unanimous support.


● Conduct city business via city email servers, not private emails.


● Group purchasing of office supplies for all city departments. City now saves 25%


● A park for residents who live south of US-6. We now have Brookview Park.


“I am tested and ready to lead and continue our progress. I have experience working with others to create change.”

The City of Portage has over 200 employees and combined budgets of $40M per year. “Experience managing day to day operations is a task that I have prepared for my entire adult life.”


As an elected official in Portage, Cannon has served as member of the Redevelopment Commission and is member of the city's Utility Service Board (USB). He is currently a two-term City Councilman serving for the past 7 years.


“My 30 years of upward career progression in the private sector (automotive parts and retail) have helped me develop a keen work ethic as a Portage Councilman for the past seven years. I've started, worked on and contributed to various projects for the City of Portage. But more than that, I've seen that jobs get done.”


 Following a multi-year investigation, Portage Mayor James Snyder was indicted in November 2016 on two counts of bribery and one count of tax evasion.

As we all know, due process has been determined in regard to the Portage Mayor's indictment. My thoughts and prayers are with the Snyder family as they advance to the next chapter.

Countless negative headlines have put Portage’s Leadership in question. I am hopeful that it's over forever. I know that the people of Portage are compassionate people, with a hope for positive headlines in the future. Portage is a forwarding looking city, always hopeful for new adventures for the future. Portage will only look backwards, to learn lessons.

Two months ago I released a press release quoting Theodore Roosevelt. "Knowing what's right doesn't mean much unless you do what’s right."

It is time for Portage City government get back to doing what is right. It is time for us to move on and do the peoples work. I will support fully Council President Sue Lynch as we move forward, together.

It's time to have a full time Mayor. You demand this and our elected leaders agree. It is time for our plans to proceed in the city. It's time for our department heads to have a full time on the job leader.

The City of Portage is made up of several departments, with great employees. Each one of them have done an outstanding job keeping our city together on this long journey.

Our Street Department has done an outstanding job with the recent challenging weather. Our Police Department has had another record low crime rate in 2018. Our Parks department has done our community a big service managing the warming centers.

Here are a few examples of projects that will proceed. Our number one priority will always be to keep our schools and neighborhoods safe. The Central Avenue East road project and the Fallen Timbers road project will be completed as soon as the weather breaks. Our Streets and Sanitation departments will get necessary support to proceed with everyday garbage pickup and other essentials for good quality of life for all residents.

Thinking back over the last few years, I have noticed one thing that is striking, it’s so obvious it almost escapes us: Portage is community of residents that work hard, that demand transparency and honestly. Portage residents do what is right at home, work and where they worship. Prayers have held our community together and they will continue to well into the future.

A lesson for us all, but especially for our younger residents, our children:
Through our leaders, parents and schools, our children can learn from these past three years. They can learn that public service requires hard work, transparency and honesty. Only some public servants misuse the purpose of the office they hold.

And remembering as our guide a quote from Mark Twain: “Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

Cannon Announcement for Mayor


Cannon Sponsors "City Email Accounts for City Business" Ordinance

Cannon leads discussion Looking into New ADA compliant City Hall


Cannon votes NO on Both Salary Increases and Storm Water Fee


Cannon Votes NO for Pay Raises


Cannon Votes No for Pay Raises to Portage Elected Officials

Cannon Sponsors ‘Buy American’ Policy for City Purchases


Cannon votes YES to new Towing Rules


Cannon sponsors ‘Term Limits’ ordinance


Cannon Promises New Park, Brookview Park Opens

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