I graduated from Portage High School and attended Ball State University. After college I started working in the Automotive Parts Retail industry as a General Manager for Western Auto Supply Company. After mergers and takeovers I became a General Manager for Advance Auto Parts. For 13 years I served Advance Auto Parts as District Manager. Managing up to 19 stores at one time, I was able to learn alot about other communities, learning the good bad and indifferent. While at Advance Auto Parts I managed large budgets in excess of $40M. I oversaw the hiring, training and advancement of hundreds of entry level and career employees.

After Leaving Advance Auto Parts I became a member of the Meijer Stores Organization. I am proud that my vast experience in retail was used to help Meijer open our Portage Meijer store. I was soon recruited by O'Reilly Auto Parts to open a new store. As of March 2019 I have been with O'Reilly Auto Parts for 4 years.

Elected into Office as a Portage Councilman

In 2012 I was elected to the Portage City Council (4th District Councilman). After enjoying representing and helping residents of the 4th District, I decided to run for a final time because I believe in term limits. Portage's 4th district re-elected me in 2015.

John's Community and Family Values

I believe if you don’t know where you have been, you won’t know where you are going. I am Proud to say I have Portage Pride!


I am fortunate to come from good people. In 1959, several years before my siblings and I were born, my parents James and Nancy Cannon moved to Portage. I was born and raised in the Portage community. I grew up in a house my father helped build. While attending Portage Township Schools I was elected Class President twice. I work and serve as an elected official (Councilman, 4th District) in our community. I understand you and your family's values, desires because I share the very same values desires and also your roots.

My sister Jennifer and brother Jimi are both Graduates of Portage High School. I have two nieces Heather and Ashley Combs... You guessed it, both Portage High School graduates! Heather's son attends Myers Elementary School here in Portage.

I have two lovable dogs, Lucky and Oakley. My friends and neighbors will tell you I love my family and there is no moment that my love for them is overshadowed by my endeavors, including this campaign. I will not forget where I came from. My desire to lead Portage as a public official only helps me remember who I am and focus on where I am going.

John as Mayor of Portage

I aspire to be the Mayor that joins generations together to accomplish what they couldn't accomplish individually. I aspire to combine a generation that enjoys faith, happiness, a slower pace and confidence with the generation that is our future - and equipped with energy and 'tech smarts'.


I am asking residents to be involved. I am asking residents to speak up and remind our leaders to stand firm on what is best for Portage Residents, and not their political party. We should also remind elected leaders to affirm that there are no Democrats and no Republicans after Election Day, just you. I ask you to remind me to remember that what unites us far outweighs what divides us: Love for Portage.

I will make decency new again. I will listen to opposing views by having an open mind. I will make common sense in local government popular again. For the course of this campaign I am going to listen to everyone I can. If elected as mayor, I will continue listening. I will visit with everyone I can. I will listen to anyone who has feedback or concerns about our city.

Portage is strong for the future. We have done more, and now we are on the path to do more. With the right leadership in place, we are simply poised to be more.


I am tested and ready to lead so we can continue progress in Portage. I have the experience working with others to create change. Portage has over 200 employees and combined budgets of over $40 million. Experience managing day to day operations at this scale is a unique task, but one I have prepared for over the course of my entire adult life.


March 2019 Update

On March 2, 2019 John was sworn in as Mayor of Portage and replaced the former Portage Mayor for the duration of his term, until 12/31/19.

A few words from John's first public statement as Portage Mayor:

"I assumed the Mayor's office in extraordinary circumstances, never experienced by Portage residents. I am very aware that I have not been elected during a normal election to the Mayor's office. I ask for your initial and ongoing approval, support, guidance, and especially your prayers.

"In all of my acts as your Mayor, public and private, I will act with integrity, truth and candor. I swear to do what is right for Portage, not what is right for myself. As your Mayor, I will serve this office with not just what I believe is moral, but what is actually moral. I will serve faithfully, objectively and diligently. Regardless of political party, I will do what is right and just for all of our residents.


With all of life's experiences and all I have learned over these past seven years [as a city councilman], Portage can count on me to bring us back with honesty, integrity, common sense, and yes Portage pride.

With your help, I will not let you down, so help me God. Thank you, and see you soon.

Your feedback, good and bad is always welcome. -John

JOHNS SIG_edited.png

From left to right, Jimi, Brother; John; Nancy, Mother; Jennifer, Sister


John's rescue dog's Lucky and Oakley